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Default Re: Cook: Re-signing Taylor becomes a priority

I love that everyone keeps thinking that our CB equal more Super Bowls and people are so pissy about the Steelers best available belief and how it is "hurting us" Yep, I believe that crap that is why we are fifth on the all time wins list in NFL history and the top three in wins since 1970.

What people seem to forget is that you can win with average we have done. If you can pressure the QB than you can win without those so called amazing shut down corners. We have done it twice...Deshea and Ike are not shutdown guys but we won XL with them, BMac and Ike weren't and we won XLIII, and we made it to XLV with Ike and BMac/Gay.

We drafted two great pressure guys and I think that as long as you can keep the pressure on you can win. We bitch about the draft (which I understand everyone's opinions) but they know what they are doing.
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