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Default Re: Consensus: worst draft in AFCN

lol what a joke, its all about perspective

Browns - I'm not going to argue our draft was better than theirs. Atlanta was dumb enough to trade 5 picks to move up, that alone is enough to guarantee a good draft year, but what is most telling is looking outside the box - the Browns drafted talent for their reimplementation of the 4-3 defense. The Browns are one of the most unstable organizations in the NFL, good luck getting value out of these players when they inexplicably decide to go back to the 3-4 yet again in a few years

Bengals - I'm not going to argue our draft was sexier / more exciting than the Bengals', heck, they drafted the best WR and arguably one of the best overall players coming into the draft with the #4 overall pick and also stole a good QB with their 2nd pick. But why does this draft make their better than ours? Why do they need a QB and WR so high anyways? Oh that's right, their franchise is in shambles and can't even hold on to their former #1 pick and franchise QB. I guess the lesson here is to win the draft you have to have glaring draft needs to fix a sinking ship rather than reload a tip-top battle cruiser.

Ravens - I'm not sure how this conclusion is met, I suppose its because they drafted a corner with their first round pick and we did not? Sure, it fills a glaring need but its also a much bigger risk. But even if they did have a better draft than we did so what, they are the only other annually legitimate team in our division, no true shame in losing to them.
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