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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber.....

Honestly though, it seems like each time you talk you say something even more stupid than the last time.

When are you going to realize that the drop-off in this draft between the top CBs and mid-late CBs just isn't that much. Have you ever though that maybe this isn't a good year for CBs in general? When life gives you lemons.......
Please Clop... you can pull Tomlin and Colbert #()$ out of your mouth any time. I love how if anyone doesn't directly stoke one of you clowns we are dumb.

What did I say. "Problem with the draft is past the 5-6 meaning PAST the lower tier of RAS, A Williams, and Harris (i.e there were only 4-6 decent CB's) there were only ??? questionable CB's and definately NOT starter material. I WILL TYPE SLOW FOR YOU... MEANING THERE WAS NO CB WORTH PICKING IN THE 2ND ROUND.

So YOU BASICALLY AGREE WITH ME YOU ****IN DUMBASS BUT I"M STUPID. Go suck your "agree" with me Steeler buddies because your awesome and everything you say is awesome. The Steelers are awesome. Every play and every Player is awesome. We didn't lose the Superbowl and GB never spread us out or THREW ON US. WE ARE AWESOME!

I said Gilbert was a good pick. Man get off the Steelers can do no wrong ever kick and read.


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