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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
Please Clop... you can pull Tomlin and Colbert #()$ out of your mouth any time. I love how if anyone doesn't directly stoke one of you clowns we are dumb.

What did I say. "Problem with the draft is past the 5-6 meaning PAST the lower tier of RAS, A Williams, and Harris (i.e there were only 4-6 decent CB's) there were only ??? questionable CB's and definately NOT starter material. I WILL TYPE SLOW FOR YOU... MEANING THERE WAS NO CB WORTH PICKING IN THE 2ND ROUND.

So YOU BASICALLY AGREE WITH ME YOU ****IN DUMBASS BUT I"M STUPID. Go suck your "agree" with me Steeler buddies because your awesome and everything you say is awesome. The Steelers are awesome. Every play and every Player is awesome. We didn't lose the Superbowl and GB never spread us out or THREW ON US. WE ARE AWESOME!

I said Gilbert was a good pick. Man get off the Steelers can do no wrong ever kick and read.

no actually you said this

Problem with the rest of the CB's is that they are ???.

If we pick three maybe one will make the team. Maybe. CB's had zero depth this year past the top 5-6.


I really think they are going to dip into FA. Maybe get that kid from Cincy and Ike but who knows. I really don't like giving Ike alot of money. A 31 year old CB has bad written all over it.
What you don't understand is that he is not agreeing with you at all. He (and I) have said repeatedly that behind the top 2 (or 3) CB's there is not much difference between the quality of the 4-10 guys and the 20-30 guys. Plus the icing on the cake is that we draft a prototypical CB in the image of Ike...because of the kinds of things we ask them to do. (support run, bump and run coverage, etc.) So just because williams was there and has the kinds of things we look for, he wouldn't be ready next year, or maybe even the year after that. So if we are giving our 1st round pick for a guy like that why not spend it on getting a MUCH better player overall in Heyward? Why not take a 4th rounder (cortez) who has the athleticism and build of a CB and slowly bring him along like we did Ike? If it doesn't work out fine, we only spent a later draft pick and it wouldn't be considered a bust. Notice how there haven't been many 1st round busts in the last decade?
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