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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
I said Gilbert was a good pick. Man get off the Steelers can do no wrong ever kick and read.

Apparently you weren't around when I criticized Ben and his overrated behind all year last year. I don't agree with every decision the Steelers make. I didn't like picking a punter in the fourth round in whatever year it was. Not that Dan wasn't a great punter, but he's just a punter. The difference between a great punter and a bad punter is about 15 yards a game, or a personal foul. So I thought that pick was stupid. I really didn't like the Gilbert pick either, to be honest; but I understand why they picked him. It was an allright pick - a safe pick. Not nearly as stupid has trading up to pick a punter from Bayler.

One thing I won't criticize the Steelers for is evaluating talent. They put a lot more time into looking at tape and such than I do, and they have proven to be much better at it than me. So, if the Steelers say that Heyward will be a great DE - that's why they drafted them - I won't argue. Or if they say none of the CBs in the draft will be as great as Heyward, I will beleive them. This doesn't mean they're always right. One need to look no further than Alonzo and Ricardo to see that. Nevertheless, they know so much more about it than me that I have absolutely no business saying this guy or that guy will be better. My estimation would be based on so comparitivlye limited knowledge that my complaint would be almost comical.

Basically, I'm arguing with many of you idiots on here that are saying the Steelers should have drafted the best CB on their board with their first pick simply because it's their biggest weakness. I'm trying to explain why that reasoning is wrong, but you don't seem to understand. I'm also arguing with you idiots who are saying we're doomed because we have such a bad secondary - the same secondary that got us to the Super Bowl last year even with a hobbled #43. You're being beyond hyperbolic.
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