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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

And I'll argue without the idiot comments that...

0. People say you (and the Steelers) never draft for NEED. Uh.. Pouncey? We needed offensive line and we drafted him. Uh... Santonio.. uh we need a receiver and we drafted him. The whole bullshit we don't draft for need is utterly stupid.

1. My reasoning it perfectly fine. We didn't do enough to raise the talent level in our secondary. Are you telling me we the DB's have more talent now than before draft? Seriously?

1a. With the labor situation, do you think a 3rd Round CB and a 4th Round Project Athlete CB have a real chance to succeed with no coaching or access to the playbook. (I totally agree with you that past the CB Harris the draft was a roll-of-the-dice at best on CB's)

2. The kid from Citadel will barely make the practice field. Read up on the kid, total gamble. (it's a 4th rounder; nuf said)

3. Curtis Brown *MIGHT* be a nickel back; I say might because WE haven't developed any CB in 3-4 years and #1a. BUT we do have a new coach.

4. Did I say we were doomed? Once again ... NO. Did I say the the draft picks were horrible? Uh, NO. I said we didn't draft well for our biggest weakness. If you look at the facts listed above I'm still correct.

5. Yes, we got to the Super Bowl and then GB did exactly what 2 weeks of analysts and media said. Spread us out and throw quick passes. Unfortunately, it worked.

5a. Totally agree with you that only NE and GB or a hot/lucky QB can do that to us. Unfortunately, we need luck or we'll have to play one of those teams to in the Playoffs. Do we currently have the DB talent and depth to defend vs. NE/GB... I'd still say "NO"

5b. Once again, we match up well with many conventional offenses so our Nickel and Dime don't get exposed but when we do get exposed it's an EPIC blowout.

5c. Yes 43 was hobbled and he has been 3 out of 4 years. I'll take an educated guess that he will be hurt a few games this season. As you said, Look at our backfield when he is out...

5d. I don't think I'm exaggerating the fact that our Defense doesn't handle the NFL variant of the Spread Offense well. It's pretty well known and it's still our biggest weakness.


PS Obviously Free Agency changes many things in terms of talent and depth.
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