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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Agree with you the secondary had issues but it was not exactly the AFC North equivalent of the Houston Texans secondary

The secondary got torched by Rodgers and Brady (as well as Brees in the second half of the Saints game) but I was surprised to come across this stat from in a draft evaluation that ripped Belichick for not addressing the Patriots pass defense and noted that a pass defense includes both pass coverage and pass rush

The Patriots have been haunted by failures on pass defense every year since their last Super Bowl victory, and especially handicapped by the lack of an elite pass rusher. They simply ignored the problem in the draft. New England will not win a Super Bowl again until its mundane Defensive Passer Rating improves by 10 to 15 points. The top two teams in DPR last year? Green Bay No. 1; Pittsburgh No. 2.

FWIW the author of this article gave the Steelers a B+ on their draft

What I liked: The obsession with linemen.
I completely agree with you Atlanta. We aren't horrible and once again the "steelers are the best evar! don't say anything mean" people always reply and exaggerate what was said.

We play a lot of average teams with bad QB's so our DPR is great until you look at NE and GB.

We don't need Revis but WE do need a Nickel and Dime DB that are super solid like Deshea Townsend. Right now, We have:

1. FA-Ike
2. McFadden
3. FA-Gay
4. FA- Anthony Madison
5. 3rd round talent Keenan Lewis (never played a down)
6. 5th round talent C. Butler (never played a down)
7. 3rd round talent C. Brown (Rookie)
8. 4th round talent C. Allen (Rookie)

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