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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
0. People say you (and the Steelers) never draft for NEED. Uh.. Pouncey? We needed offensive line and we drafted him. Uh... Santonio.. uh we need a receiver and we drafted him. The whole bullshit we don't draft for need is utterly stupid.
We always draft a need, that's why we're not going to draft a QB, Center, TE, or DE in the next 4-5 years even if someone at that position happens to be the BPA becasue we're set there. We don't always our biggest need. We have a few/bunch of position areas we're going to consider and we draft the best player from those positions. There's a very rational reason we do this and it's exactly the reason we're consistently in Super Bowl contention.

Center wasn't necessarilly our biggest need last year, but we still went with Pouncey. A lot of people were upset that we didn't go with a CB with 18 last year because they felt that was our biggest need. We drafted Pouncey because we had a need at Center and because he was the best player available. When we drafted Santonio, we had needs at OLB, O-line, CB. We went with Holmes because he was the BPA.

You can't argue that we didn't need a DE to develope, seeing that both starters will be 33, and 36 next season.

1. My reasoning it perfectly fine. We didn't do enough to raise the talent level in our secondary. Are you telling me we the DB's have more talent now than before draft? Seriously?
Perhaps not. But you seem to be insuating we made poor draft choices because of that. What I'm telling you is, the Steelers aren't going to draft a guy because we have a need at that position. They will only take a guy if they think he's going to be good, that is, better than other guys they need at other positions that are available in the draft. This is the best policy to employ for a team that wants to sustain a winning franchise.

1a. With the labor situation, do you think a 3rd Round CB and a 4th Round Project Athlete CB have a real chance to succeed with no coaching or access to the playbook. (I totally agree with you that past the CB Harris the draft was a roll-of-the-dice at best on CB's)
I would say probably better than any other position we addressed in round 3-4.

4. Did I say we were doomed? Once again ... NO. Did I say the the draft picks were horrible? Uh, NO. I said we didn't draft well for our biggest weakness. If you look at the facts listed above I'm still correct.
I really can't argue with this. CB was our biggest weakness and we didn't do much to improve it. This I admit. But, I don't have a problem with it. You seem to be saying this was a mistake, while I disagree.

5a. Totally agree with you that only NE and GB or a hot/lucky QB can do that to us. Unfortunately, we need luck or we'll have to play one of those teams to in the Playoffs. Do we currently have the DB talent and depth to defend vs. NE/GB... I'd still say "NO"
Every team needs luck. No team matches up with every other team perfectly. In 2007, The Patriots would have beat 31 out of 32 teams in the SB, but they just happened to play the one that could beat them. If they rearanged their whole drafting philosophy just the beat the Giants, they risk giving up their stranglehold on the rest of the league.

Not every team has the fire-power to spread us out. Most notably, nobody in our division can - at least to this poine Joe Flacco hasn't showed the ability to sling it against us. With that in mind, I'm glad the Steelers didn't alter their strategy to beat Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

5b. Once again, we match up well with many conventional offenses so our Nickel and Dime don't get exposed but when we do get exposed it's an EPIC blowout.

5d. I don't think I'm exaggerating the fact that our Defense doesn't handle the NFL variant of the Spread Offense well. It's pretty well known and it's still our biggest weakness.
You exagerate by suggesting we should have dropped everything and drafted a CB in the first round because it's our biggest weakness, even if their were better players available at other positions.
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