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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

2009-10, the OL was a huge need and Pouncey replaced the weakest link in JH. JH was dominated by NT's and his production was in steep decline.
2010-11, the OL was snake-bitten by injuries, I don't think we could possibly have that many injuries again

As far as our Draft, I've never said or insinuated it was even remotely horrible. I actually like Gilbert and Heyward. I just find it a little dubious that the 11th DE taken in the 1st Round is a dominant game-changing gem that 30 other teams missed. Seeing that Ras and Aaron went 33/34, player rating-wise, I don't see a big difference with selecting either one of them but time will tell. (i.e. I've never said drop everything and move up in the draft)

With the unknown status of Aaron Smith, maybe DE it was our biggest need.
With so many UFA DB's, I'm thinking they have some free agent plans to address our depth. I'm not saying a 10m Free agent DB, just some solid Deshea Townsend cover ability.

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