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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

I don't think a DE will ever be a game changing gem in our system...BUT that doesn't mean they don't hold more value to making our system work than say a CB. That's why you pick heyward over Williams, Ras-I, and Harris. That's what makes it a better pick.

As far as the kid from citadel...a gamble? Yes...they also said the same thing about our current #1 CB Ike Taylor. Small school kid with size and skills but needed time to progress. Why not take a gamble? Like you said (and I said previously) it's a 4th rounder, no big deal if he doesn't pan out. And with the lockout I think NO CB that was available would of been able to contribute right away. We never draft players to fill in right away. Sometimes it works out that way (pouncey, ben roth) but it's not how we operate as a franchise.

What it comes down to is you hold a different drafting philosophy than the steelers.

You would pick the BPA in the area of highest need (CB)
The steelers would (and did) pick the BPA out of all the areas of need. (CB, DL, and OL)

That's it. Mystery solved.

You say you don't understand why we didn't go CB b/c the two guys available went 33/34...It's b/c we value DE more highly than CB's in our system. That's how I see it. And now your considering that DE might of been the highest overall team need, in which case the pick makes even more sense doesn't it?
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