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Default Re: Steelers take Florida OT with second round pick

Originally Posted by sexyllama View Post
As far as our Draft, I've never said or insinuated it was even remotely horrible.
You didn't insuate that it was horrible, you insuated that we should have taken a CB instead of Heyward.

I just find it a little dubious that the 11th DE taken in the 1st Round is a dominant game-changing gem that 30 other teams missed. Seeing that Ras and Aaron went 33/34, player rating-wise, I don't see a big difference with selecting either one of them but time will tell.
Most of the defensive ends taken in the first round were 3-4 DEs that would correlate more closely to a OLB in the Steelers 4-3 scheme. So essentially, you comparing 2 different positions that share the same name. A DE in LeBeau's scheme would need to be around 300 lbs in order to take double teams and fortify the LOS. Defensive ends in a 4-3 rush the passer, essentially.

There were 7 DEs taken before Heyward, and only 3 of them maybe could have played 3-4 DE. These 4 couldn't:

7th Aldon Smith - 260 lbs
14th Robert Quinn - 265 lbs
16th Ryan Kerrigan - 267 lbs
20th Adrian Claybord - 280 lbs

So really, Heyward was the 3rd selected at his position, if you were to assume JJ Watt and Cameron Jordon could play 3-4 DE, but I doubt that.

Anyway, no two drafts are the same. Ben was the 3rd QB taken in his draft but was better than most QBs taken first. You can't assume other teams know what they're doing (of course, on truly can't assume the Steelers know what they're doing, either. But, we're going to have to take somebody's word for it, and the Steelers have a much better track record than most teams, and they are especially more reliable than most of the journalists you guys have quoted)

With so many UFA DB's, I'm thinking they have some free agent plans to address our depth. I'm not saying a 10m Free agent DB, just some solid Deshea Townsend cover ability.
I doubt it. I only believe they plan on resigning Taylor and Gay.
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