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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Because he had been bit**ing aboiut his contract throughout 2006 (after he got a ring in 2005) and there was a concern it would disrupt Tomlin's first season as HC

Although no one on the Steelers would say so, the threat by Porter to hold out last summer played a factor in his release. Team officials did not want to burden new head coach Mike Tomlin with that kind of threat to his authority. Even though Porter was scheduled to make $5 million in the final year of his deal, he was unhappy with his contract and there was a chance he might boycott some of the minicamps and then training camp had he remained with the team.

So Porter was let go and imediately signed a fat deal with Miami

He got a ton more money than the $5 million he was to earn with the Steelers this season. Porter agreed to a five-year, $32 million contract with the Dolphins that will pay him a reported $12 million signing bonus and another $8 million in guaranteed money. His signing bonus is $3 million more than the Steelers have paid a player

And once Porter was let go Faneca became the disgruntled vet who wanted a better deal from the Steelers and acted out when it did not happen as he claimed deserving vets like Porter and himself were getting screwed by Steelers management

Guard Alan Faneca said today he is attending the required Steelers minicamp only because the team is making him and predicted this will be his last season with the Steelers.

Faneca, who has played in the past six Pro Bowls, said he will depart Pittsburgh Sunday night when practices end and won't return until training camp.

Faneca also said he has asked the Steelers to trade him but that he does not think that will happen. He said they have shown by their lack of progress in contract talks that they no longer want him beyond the 2007 season.

"This will be my last year as a Pittsburgh Steeler," Faneca declared....

"You go somewhere, you've been here for nine years; to do what I've done to help this team out. The things I've done for this team ... and the offer I get is pretty much a non-offer. What am I to think? What are the guys in this room to think? If they can do it to me and everybody else and let Joey [Porter] go and do things like that, what does that say to the rest of the guys?"

Moral of the story - most players will go to whomever is paying the most, especially if it is their last big payday - Ike Taylor may be no different from Faneca and Porter
Thanks for the parable. Really.

I thought the same thing about Ike up until the draft reports stating everyone involved was confident that he'll be a Steeler. We'll see. Anyways, I should have added that Ike Taylor helped Pittsburgh out with reconstructing his contract so while money plays into this, it's a very different situation than what you're suggesting with Faneca and Porter. Or not. But then again I guess, as we've learned, everything comes back to mantra of "the NFL is still business". Money. Anyways, I guess I'm just talking semantics (as far as leaving for benjamins/cut) here (and in my previous post[s]). So, I'll just shut the f.uck up.

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