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Default Re: Your Top  Hated NFL Teams (Steelers Fans Only

Welcome girl !!! glad to have you !!

chevdog, I was at the away game against the ratbirds last year, in full steelers apparel, and if anybody ever questions who has the worst fans in the nfl are, its not the eagle fans, its by far the ratbird fans. No doubt the meanest, angry, ugly, rude, arrogant, and just plan obnoxious and nasty people you could ever wanna meet.

I nearly got myself and my buddy arrested or atleast yelled at by security on countless occasions that day! Hey, when you rag on my team, I dont care how many of you there are, im yelling and screaming right back. Nobody rags on the Steelers !!! Hell, even 10-12 yr old kids were calling me an arsehole, and mf'r, etc !!!

I found myself cursing them out too !!

and yep, i'll be there with flying colors again this year!!!
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