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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall Loses Endorsement Deal

Originally Posted by thumper View Post

Scott Ritter, who had always said there were no WMDs in Iraq, as
he was a former weapons inspector and he would know, eventually
got nabbed by a federal agent - allegedly - posing as an underage
girl on line, and he got locked up.

You mess with the establishment, they will react. Like Danzel's character
said in the movie "Training Day"...."It's not what you know it's what you can
prove." Anyone who brings up that day and questions the official story
is quickly vilified.
something to that effect.
Yeah - Do not mess with The Power

Ritter was found guilty by a Monroe County, Pennsylvania jury of exchanging explicit messages in a chat room with an undercover police officer posing as a 15-year-old girl, and then performing a sex act on himself.

Ritter took the stand in his own defense Wednesday, where he said he believed the person he met in a Yahoo chat room nearly two years ago was an adult acting out her own fantasy.

Certainly crafty of The Power to lure Ritter into a chat room and then use the awesome resources of the Monroe County DA to take down Ritter - the federal government prosecutes its cases through the Justice Department and U.S. Attorneys, but the compelling need to cover their tracks with regard to taking down Ritter clearly required a more subtle plan
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