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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall Twitter Remarks About Osama bin Laden Will Cause Backlash

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Anyway, the whole purpose of me even posting that wasn't to get into technical debates about whether it was 100% true or was simply to illustrate that even well respected individuals that work within our military and government find cause to seriously question their motives and tactics. It was in response to someone who seemed to imply that it's unpatriotic to question anything about 9/11 and the death of bin Laden (amongst other government operations)...when in fact, I feel the opposite.
I agree with you on this, Mom. I don't believe in taking anything at face value either, especially when it comes to the government. I've been arguing for about three years that our financial mess has nothing to do with banks and subprime loans and all the other garbage we've been fed. The reason we're in this mess is because we've lost all of our middle-class manufacturing jobs. And that wasn't by accident. Our "leaders" know what's happening and they know how to fix it. Yet they choose not to. But that's a discussion beyond this thread.

My point is that I believe in asking questions and debate, and not accepting something as fact just because it comes from the government or the media. But when it comes to 9/11, there's just too much involved for the conspiracy theories to be true. So many people would have to be a part of it. So many details would have to be carried our perfectly. We're not talking about a small group of people or an agency that would have to be involved. We're talking about numerous countries and groups like al-Qaida that would have to be a part of it. The amount of collusion that would be involved is unfathomable.

But it does make for good debate, and so I'm all for it.

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
lets see...unocal merged with chevron ... who just so happend to be condolezza rices employer before joining bush's staff... ....the dots practically connect themselves.
There's no doubt we had an interest in Afghanistan. We have a lot of interests. But does that mean we can make the leap to suggest that that's why 9/11 was orchestrated? If I had a million dollar insurance policy on my wife and planned on killing her to collect the money, the last thing I'd do is talk openly about how great it would be to have all that money. I'd probably want to keep my motives to myself.

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AQ is a CIA-created group. They hardly have any credibility to speak of
How do we know that the CIA isn't an al-Qaida-created group? Maybe it's all a plan for Islam to take over the world.
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