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Default Re: Mendy didn't take long!!!

Some of you make me extremely disapointed to be a Steelers fan. want to trade away a descent RB just because he doesn't share your political views? I thought we had this thing called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" in this country? You are going to sell your season tickets because ONE GUY OUT OF 53 DOES NOT SHARE YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS? REALLY? Are you that intolerant and bigotted that it absolutely chaps your ass that someone in America who is doing better than you doesn't necessarily share ALL of your political views?

I think some members of Steeler Nation are just now realizing for the first time that we aren't all carbon copy android clones in America, and they don't like it.....why does the far right always have such a problem accepting the fact that NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN THE SAME THINGS AS YOU (well....then again, the far right still hasn't gotten over the fact that our President has a funny sounding foreign name, instead of some Anglicanized name like "John Smith" or "Jack Jones"-- FOX News was just talking about how his name sounds Muslim, almost 2 years following his election for the umpteenth time).

If you want to sell your season tix over such a petty issue, please email me-- I'd be glad to take them off your hands.
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