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Default Re: Mendy didn't take long!!!

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Hence the unfavorable title of "Conspiracy theorist".....they are overly suspicious people who perceive patterns and conspiracies where there are none.
no patterns ? how about the ONLY buildings in the area that are no longer standing in the complex despite other builds being closer to the twins , and survived the ordeal ?, , were all owned by the same person. the same person who had the foresight to take out a HUGE insurance policy just prior to 9 / 11 , which he made sure terrorist acts were included.

years ago an old roommate took out theft insurance insurance on his motorcycle 6 weeks before it was stolen. the insurance company crawled in his ass with a microscope trying to prove fraud and he waited nearly a year before they finally cut him a check. ... whats more likely to happen ? a motorcycle being stolen in tallahassee florida ? or a terrorist attack that completely destroys only the buildings in NY owned by a certain individual ?

watch the vids

[YOUTUBE]iEuJimaumW4&feature=related [/YOUTUBE]
[YOUTUBE]8n-nT-luFIw&feature=related [/YOUTUBE]
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