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Default Re: Mendy didn't take long!!!

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
how about me? im a marine my man. what branch were you in?
The smarter half of the Department of the Navy.....

(J/K, I have known some pretty goddamn dumb squids, and some pretty bright gators and vice-versa, I have had conversations with you here and know you to be a bright fellow)

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
im not the one tearing up on my country you are.
There is a world of difference between "tearing up your country" and being objective about your country. I was assuming the latter of the two.

My point was that conspiracy theorists are always quick to point out how incompetent we/our government/our country is, and then in the same breath attribute ninja-like abilities to pull off the grandest scheme in the history of our country without a hitch. It creates a really obvious dichotomy.

If our President can't even get away with getting a fricking blowjob from his under-desk-intern without some big-mouthed lady blowing the boilers for the whole world to see, fat chance of them being able to pull off something like 9/11.....

Like I said, if our government wanted to pull this off, why the elaborate scheme with the planes and whatnot? That smacks of terrorists-- they always seek targets that produce the greatest emotional effects and clearly hitting us in our financial capital counts as such. if the government wanted to do that, they would have just bombed the WTC and blamed it on Al-Queda, which wouldn't be tough to believe, since Al-Queda already bombed the WTC back in the 90's.

Alot of the reason why conspiracy theories crop up, IMHO, is the sense of incredulity. Even the most subversive left-winger has a hard time accepting that we could have been caught so flat-footed on 9/11. It is no small surprise that very similar conspiracy theories got circulated after Pearl Harbor got bombed. How could the Japanese have caught us so off-guard? Answer: human incompetence-- as long as humans are involved, there will be mistakes and oversights.

Pearl Harbor, the U.S.S. Cole, and 9/11 were the product of human complacency, not conspiracies.

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
i figure they would of taught you proper respect in the military
I don't think respect is the issue here. If you are not able to look realistically and without bias at your own country's shortcomings and our place in history without it making you fly off the handle, you are not being very objective and definitely not doing your nation any service that way.

I don't appreciate being told to move to Mexico either. I pay my taxes. Knowing you are still on active duty and receiving that payscale, I probably pay a LOT more in income taxes than you do each year. I've put in my 7 years of military service, would gladly serve the government again if I could (at my ripe age of 33, I cannot re-enter active duty) at whatever capacity. I dream aboutConsidered dropping my nice job and joining the minute-men several times in the past year (a Marine Corps buddy of mine keeps trying to talk me into it-- he knows how I feel about illegal immigrants). I volunteer a lot at local senior centers. I am the primary caretaker for my mother who is disabled ("primary caretaker" being a very cold and undescriptive word) and very sick.

In short, I am a dedicated and patriotic American that neither deserves, nor should I be required to put up with that crap from anybody.
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