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Default Ben voted most-hated NFL player

Honestly, I got to wonder about the validity of this. Ben most hated?
I can see how he made top 10:

1.) If not a Steeler fan, you end up hating other players who win too
much, often over your own team. Winners are loved but also hated. That's
why Brady is on this list.

2.) His off-field "troubles" add to this. If you aren't a Steeler fans and then
hear that Ben is a huge asshole and pig to women, you would be more
likely to not like him.

But the above being said? #1 most hated? It seems too extreme to me. Sure,
Browns, Bengals and Ravens fans would likely hate him. But really? First of
all, being a football fan, you (or at least I) would value his amazing play
and ability to pull out wins in so many close games. How can you not like

Also, it's not like Ben acts a fool when a mic is put in front of him. Almost
every single thing he utters in a presser is smart, right, unselfish, showing
some intelligence and teammate friendly. It's not like back in the days with
Kordell, where his low IQ would shine through by stating things like "We lose
as a team" after he sucked, or "I had a good game" after a loss where he didn't
play badly. Ben always says the right thing, like Tomlin.

Of course, there is the "Rape-lisburger" thing, but most objective fans realize
he's never even been charged for a crime, much less convicted of one. Most
realize he has been guilty of being a pig - and that's not illegal, although not
a good trait for your popularity. But, it seems he won't make that same
mistake ever again, so it's over worth. Kobe got charged with rape, he beat
it in court, and it's never brought up anymore and he is one of the most
popular players in sports.

Anyone else think this poll is likely not accurate in terms of reality? Or, is
Ben really hated that much?

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