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Default Re: Ben voted most-hated NFL player

Well it's written by a patriots featured writer, so all credibility goes out the window IMO

Plus, for the same reasons he lists why Tom Brady is hated is in my mind the very reason he has Ben listed #1. For all the off the field stuff the only backlash has been the media fiasco and again IMO the knee jerk suspension fired off by Goodell. I think it has more to do with Ben being in the SB so much while Tom has 3 straight playoff loses

And I don't see how Hines didn't make the list as he is annually ranked as the NFL's dirtiest player. I guess playing "dirty" (which is bs btw) doesn't equate to being hated by your peers.

Whether it's accurate or not, I could give two shits about what some pats fan thinks. If it was based in reality Tom would be #1 maybe because he's fathered children with two different women, plays for a coach that had an affair with a married woman, or is an employee of the anti-christ of football Robert Kraft...that and players don't like him. I'm sure they have their reasons. I know I do
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