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Default Re: brand new trade in the works

Just about every rumor you hear this week is a lie. The only person I've heard tell the truth is Phil Savage, and he said the safest pick of this draft is AJ Hawk, but even when he said it he backpeddled a little and said the Browns wouldn't move up to get him, which makes me think that they will actually try.

Why? Cleveland is on a "Local boy makes good" trip, with Lebron and Charlie Frye, Hawk is a Buckeye so he'd be instantly popular, and the Browns need LB's DESPERATELY.

I still think Bush goes #1 no matter about this illegal house stuff. I think the Jets get Leinart no matter what, and I think Crazy Al wants Vince Young...but there's still 4 days to go.

I'm not even going to do my mock until Friday. There's no point in doing it before then.
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