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Default Re: If you had the chance to have any....

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Imagine if James Harrison could have "gotten his shot" in his early-mid 20's instead of being a career backup or special teamer until he was 29...damn. I mean, maybe it was riding the bench so long and having that time to adjust that made him so good once he was finally named a starter, but if he could have been doing what he's done the past few years when he was a lot younger, he could have been the greatest OLB of all time...maybe.

Not sure if I still would choose him over Ham or Lloyd, because we didn't exactly get to see an extended look at him "in his prime," but it's something to think about...
And all we did get to see him do, in his very shortened career, was
earn DMVP and return the longest int. for a TD in the history of the Super
Bowl. He is more of a monster than any Steeler LB ever.
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