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Default Re: If you had the chance to have any....

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Ham was 6-3, 224. He'd get tossed around like a rag doll in the
era that Lloyd and Harrison played in. 6-3, 224 is a thin guy. He's get
pounded today, hence if I had my choice, I'd take the other two guys
since they can bring the thunder than Ham never could. Harrison is
6-0, 242. Now that is SIZE and leverage. He totally disrupts offenses.
Ham was more of a put himself in position kind of guy - not a wrecking
ball, which both GL and JH are. You want my Crystal Ball? You got it.
It's called 224 is too small and no way does a 224 lb OLB make the
hall of fame on Pgh's recent teams.
According to, Lloyd was 6'2" and 228.

Ham was 6'1" and 225.
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