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Default Blame coaches for SB loss

Hate to say it, but this guy is right. The coaches did nothing to
plan for spread offense. They stubbornly stayed with their same
D, even though that exact same D had been losing to teams with
spread O's and good QBs. They should have taken a lesson from
what the Jets did to beat NE. We would have had a much better
chance at winning. A huge wasted opportunity for another ring.

In New England, the Jets used a brilliant game plan to beat Tom Brady. First, they switched from man-on-man to zone coverage. This not only brought a different defense that the Patriots had not planned for, but it allowed the Jets defense to disguise their coverage.

Quarterbacks like Rodgers and Brady often use the spread formation to look for mismatches and usually know who to throw even before the play. The zone helped avoid this.

Secondly, New York didn't blitz often. Another plan going against how the Jets typical operate, they rarely sent more than four players in this divisional round game. This allowed the Jets more players to play coverage against the pass. The most genius part of the game plan was how New York sent these players.

New England, like Green Bay, rely greatly on timing between QB and WR. One tactic against these teams is to get physical with the WRs on the line of scrimmage and use bump and run coverage by the players covering.

The inside slot guys are much more difficult to successfully play bump and run on since they are usually starting behind the line of scrimmage and have more field to play (closer to the middle of the field, they have more options). The players in the slots often have success in these schemes which is why Wes Welker is huge in New England, and Jordy Nelson looked like a hero in the Super Bowl.

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