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Default Re: If you had the chance to have any....

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Ok...but he DIDN'T play in the same era as Lloyd and Harrison. With strength and conditioning being different now for athletes, he'd probably be bigger just because of that.

As has been mentioned already (and skipped over by you twice now), why did you put him on the list if you were just going to trash the opinions of those that chose him? He did make the HOF...that means he's not a total scrub. And Lambert was pretty skinny too, but put fear into other players.

If you were looking for big, new era players, why didn't you include Greene or Kirkland or Porter?

Ham is widely considered to be one of the best linebackers to ever play the game. Not by Steelers standards NFL standards. Harrison and Lloyd don't even crack the top 20 list on most (if not all) reputable lists.
Oh wait, I'm not allowed to have an opinion now? I included Ham
because he belonged in the conversation but in MY OPINION, he
wouldn't be nearly as productive as Lloyd or Harrison if you had
a choice of all three in their prime IN THE CURRENT

And, I had to correct another poster about this, but INSIDE LBS ARE NOT
THE SAME AS OUTSIDE LBS! Kirkland was an inside LB as was Lambert
hence not in the discussion. Maybe I should have included Rod Woodson
on the list too - and Mike Webster while I am at it.

If you were putting a team together, right NOW, and had all three in their
prime, Ham would be too skinny. And, this just in, they did lift weights in
the 70s, and the Steelers were infamous for having the most players
on juice in that era. So, Ham was still a chicken legged light weight and
would still be if he were in his prime today. At 224 lbs, he'd get erased
out there. Imagine him trying to shed the block of a 260 lb TE. Good
luck with that.
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