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Default Re: Blame coaches for SB loss

Problem with that idea is the Jets have 2 starting caliber CB's (1 arguably the #1 CB in the NFL), a #1 draft choice as the nickle back, and solid depth behind him. We have Ike taylor and a bunch of undersized scrubs behind him. I doubt the coaches didn't look at what the Jets did, or at how they could beat GB, I just think they chose to play the game plan that gave them the best chance to win. And it did to be fair, we had a chance to win the game at the end. I think the coaches put the best players in the positions to make plays but those players didn't (harrison, woodley, polamalu, ben) On the flip side GB's players did make plays (matthews, rodgers, and the cb that ran back ben's int)

Sitting back in zone would of put our suspect CB's in positions to make plays, so why do that when you know it's your weakest area? Whatever happened to playing to your strengths?
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