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Default Re: Can Carnell Lake pull a 'Kugler'?

No. Despite lots of criticism, the truth is we've have some decent players along the line, coached poorly by Zierlein. Right guard is a perpetual question mark (and yet we ran behind RG more often than anywhere else... typical Arians; they'll never expect it!) but every other position is stocked by Pro Bowlers (Pouncey, and even Kemo) or solid workmen (Starks, Adams, Colon) so long as they're not injured.

The same cannot be said of our DBs. Ike is good, but he gets thrown at a LOT, because opposing QBs absolutely do not fear him, and why should they? Whoever plays opposite him tends to make him look better, which is less a statement on Ike than it is on McFadden, Gay, Lewis, etc. The depth behind Troy and Clark is also worrying.

Long story short: Lake has much less with which to work than Kugler.
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