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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall Loses Endorsement Deal

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Ok, but's not like he (Mendenhall) went into any detail as to why he thought the way he did...on his Twitter account. Tweeting a sentence about how you think 9/11 was an inside job, or how you think NFL players are slaves hardly makes you a deep thinker. Typically, deep thinkers present their thoughts in more expansive mediums. Not f-ing Twitter.
Twitter is a medium for a bumper-sticker-sized message. It's like texting:
You are only going to be able to say 1 or 2 liners, tops. It's not meant as
a place to delve into details. Not saying he could or could not, but just
basing it on his twitter tweets won't prove it either way. I have not spoke
to RM. I cannot testify if he indeed possesses deep thoughts. Just saying
I do think illustrating that you are beyond a sheep who does not think for
oneself (i.e. repeat what mainstream media and govt. says without thinking
if their stories make sense) it at least shows _potential_ for someone who thinks
instead of buying what the establishment hand-delivers us.

The govt. and mainstream media told us Pat Tillman died as a hero, fighting
the Taliban. Was that true? Of did they lie to us? What are they willing to lie
to us in order to pursue their agenda for the elite at our expense? Is the
Fed. Res. part of our government and acts on behalf of the people? Or is it
a collection of the most wealthy private banks on Earth who act in secret in
order to rob us blind? Did Saddam have ties to al Qaeda and was he some
how involved in the nine 11 attacks? Did he have WMDs and posed an
imminent threat to our safety? Did we invade Iraq to "spread democracy,
wipe out WMDs and halt an active nuke program?"

If any of you believed these lies, ask yourself what other lies have been told
to you - that you actually believed and bought at face value.
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