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Default Re: Rashard Mendenhall Loses Endorsement Deal

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Yes...I know what Twitter is and how it works. I would not have mentioned it if I didn't.

I never said RM was incapable of deep thought. I stated that making a short, random tweet about an opinion that has become quite popular over the years does not mean someone is a deep thinker (as another poster suggested).

He may be the deepest thinker on the entire planet...I don't know. Basing that opinion off of a couple twitter posts though is laughable at best.

Just as parroting what mainstream media tells you, parroting what random websites dedicated to a certain idea...sometimes made by god knows who...does not ensure something is the truth. You just believe their truth more than you believe the governments truth. To each his own...but keep in mind that people outside of the government lie too. Conspiracy theories (popular ones) draw people in and gain others profits. That's why a lot of the sites you post have donation boxes and stores that sell their paraphenalia. Sometimes people do things just for profit. Like say the world is going to end, or take your taxes, or create ponzi schemes...or governments. It's just how people are. So I take those sites with just as much of a grain of salt as I do the government. In my opinion the real truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.

I'm not quoting this to get in a debate about what happened with 9/11 or Pat Tillman. I'm just saying that the links you post may not be filled with the golden truth either.

The only things I know (ok...they're opinions too, but I'm firm on them) are...

1). Income taxes are illegal. I don't care how it happened or who was involved needs to be reversed because it's unconstitutional. <-Period
2). Just let gay people marry already. There's not one American who has earned the right to look down on someone elses choice of consenting lovers.
3). WTF people...VOTE, and not by the ads you see on TV. People died to give you the chance to try to make the government a better working one...respect that.
4). The internet is inherently evil. (Good thing I like some evil things )
Surely, no sources are free from liars. Cable news, newspapers, network
news, magazines, web sites, et al all contain lies. The trick is to try to
use a variety of sources in trying to decipher it all. As a matter of fact, it
takes so much time that one has to pick and choose which he wants to
uncover the truth and leave whole categories untouched, since you can't
try to figure everything out - not enough time. There are many, many
questions - when asked - I can only merely state: I don't know.

Pat Tillman was murdered by a US agent. The bullet spread was so
close together that he had to have been killed from a very close distance.
And there is not way, from that short distance, that the shooter didn't
realize it was Tillman, and not some "Taliban" fighter, who were never
even in the area that Tillman was killed in.

If you know anything about Tillman, you would know why they wanted
him dead.

But, I do agree with your 4 points. And I would add to that list that the
FR should be ended as well. It will do nothing but bankrupt our country
and enslave us all into debt. It is nothing but a den of vipers and rats.
The Founding Fathers knew the dangers of central bankers and fought
to keep them out of our govt. It was one of the prime reasons that
the Revolutionary war was fought to begin with.
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