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Default Re: Can Carnell Lake pull a 'Kugler'?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Patently untrue. Zero evidence that the above is true; as a matter of
fact, evidence points to great players NOT being good coaches. How
was Joe Greene as a player? Awesome. As a coach? Not so good.
Yes, Heaven forbid that anybody give that LeBeau fellow a chance to coach. Or Dungy. Or Ditka. Or Landry... 3 of those 4 were DBs.

Lake will have a positive effect on this bunch for several reasons. He was great at both positions. He was a standout LB at UCLA. He knows the roles of the back 7 as well as anybody in the game because he's played most of the positions at a high level. Mentally he's a Steeler.

He's perfect for our system because he will develop the DBs to be hybrids like he was. Just as we draft multidimensional players for the OL, Kugler is developing them to fit at different spots. Lake will develop his to fit a variety of roles depending on the play called. With the 2 new corners, we now have 6 corners at 6 foot or better on the roster. They're all about the same size, speed (except Ike), and skill set. Any of them can line up anywhere on the field. Thats why I like Lake for this job and think we have some upside here. Not so with Horton.

'Sides, I like to argue with Ric.

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