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Default Re: Blame coaches for SB loss

I agree with what everyone said, but I really think the game was lost on the last drive. If you look back at it (that's if you want to open old wounds), on that last drive the WR's seemed to not know the plays and where they were supposed to go.

Please before you shit on me, just look at it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs "call a timeout!" I know we only had one left but it's better to call a time out on 3&5 or 4&5 and get yourself together and talk about what needs to be done. Especially since we to incomplete passes to end the game. Think about it. The Steelers call a T.O. and possibly get the first down there is a chance for something to happen. Instead of rushing with confused WR's.

I put that on the Coaches.
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