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Default Re: Burress a Possibilty

No F-in way. Signing Plex would be a very un-Steeler-like thing to do. Personally,
I think the sentence handed down on him for having an unlicensed fire arm was
insane. He had no priors, he wasn't trying to shoot anyone - it just fell out of his
pants and shot him, no one else. Two years for that is excessive as hell. He
should have got probation, fined, etc. Having to serve two years for that is simply
insane. Had he had priors for illegal gun possession, different story. Had he shot
someone, or even pulled it out on someone, different story.

All that being said, he is an awful fit for Pgh and their team philosophy. He may indeed
have had his head checked from prison time but there is no way in hell he gets signed
by Pgh just on his previous tude alone. NY won a SB with him but we won a SB withOUT
him, as soon as he left. His selfish, ****y, jerk-ish tude isn't a fit. I like his talents. I think
he could help some teams. But Pgh doesn't go for the prima donna tude - just not a fit in
the Burgh. Rooneys won't even spend 1 minute thinking about signing him. Let the Raiders
sign him. They could use him and it's a perfect match.
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