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Default Re: Burress a Possibilty

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
As a gun owner it's your responsibility to know the gun laws in your state. Especially if you're CC, not doing so is effing stupid.
No one said he should get off scott free. It's a matter of degrees. Is the
first offense of carrying a gun illegally really worthy of two years in prison?
Bull shit. You would get off lighter for grand theft or rape for your first offense.
Hell, you could get busted selling coke and not get that. Bloomberg is a Nazi.
Plex did not only NOT get a lighter sentence for being a famous person, he
got hammered far harder than the average person would have got for the same

But regardless, no way does Pgh sign him. No where near a fit. Let the
Raiders have him, who, by the way, are actually building a competitive
team, if you can believe it or not. McFadden is becoming the force he
was thought to be in college. OL is decent. D has some players. If only
Al can stay out of the way (which he might be doing out of default, taking
naps, etc.) they might become a good team. All of a sudden, the AFC West
is becoming a good division. KC, SD, and Oak are all emerging teams
who could make the play offs. Denver, probably not so much at this point.
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