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Default Re: "Overrated" Troy Planning To Change Offseason Workouts?

Troy should NOT change his offseason training program. Have any of you watched vids of it?

His constant injuries are a product of his playing style, and his training. His offseason workout is all about training your muscles to move fast-- that accounts for his seeming superhuman stunts and abilities.

Unfortunately, a frequent effect of launching your body like a missle on every play is some expected injuries.

We have to learn to take the good with the bad. Troy tried changing his offseason workout to a more conventional weight-lifting/running back in 2006-2007, and the result was he got injured even more than previously, and the dynamic play we were used to from him was more pedestrian and conventional.

If he changes his offseason workout, we can expect him to change his playing style on the field as well, and not for the better.... It is nice that Ike, James, and Gay have not missed a play, but except for Ike, Gay and Farrior cannot cover my mother and routinely get burnt by rookie Tight Ends.

I prefer the injury prone Polamalu that leaps over offensive lines to sack the QB and makes backwards tackles behind his back. Much of that uniqueness is a product of his unique offseason workout program here in San Juan Capistrano.

As for Pete Prisco, he knows less about football than my wife and mother in law.....his opinions are best ignored or laughed at for their apparent foolishment.
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