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Default Re: If you had the chance to have any....

Originally Posted by bornaSteelersfan View Post
This is how you began this thread. Why would you even ask the question if every time someone has a differing opinion, you tell them how wrong they are?! You are simply a troll wearing black and gold. This will be the last time I post on any one of your biased threads. I also expect your reply of this post to be full of your opinions and your attempt at getting me into some sort of debate. You are clearly not open-minded to debate anything with so don't expect any more replies from me.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I will send you a wammmmmmmmmmmmmbulance.
boooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo. So, I'm not allowed to express my
opinion but others are? What a F---g joke.
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