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Default Is this really murder?

OAKLAND, Calif. -- A 14-year-old California boy has been charged with murder after prosecutors say a robbery attempt led a market owner to have a fatal heart attack.

Dong Suk Kang died Tuesday after the boy tried to steal two bottles of vodka from the store in Oakland and a struggle ensued.

When the teen fled, Kang jumped in his car to give chase and lost consciousness a few blocks away. He died at a hospital.

Autopsy results are pending, but prosecutors say it appears the 57-year-old had a heart attack.

The Oakland Tribune reports that authorities filed murder and robbery charges Friday.

Alameda County prosecutor Allison Danzig says if someone dies during a violent crime, the offender is responsible for the death.

The teen's name hasn't been released.

Ok I get it, the kid is responsible to some degree for the death, but does this really amount to murder? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for punishing criminals to the full extent of the law, but as a society have we really regressed to the point that we're going to potentially put away a teenager for a good portion of his life over a simple act of shoplifting? Now I understand why the store owner might have been pissed, but once that kid left the premises did he really need to chase him down? For two lousy bottles of vodka? Dude call the police, I'm sure you have video surveilance in that store, your life wasn't in danger, there was no reason to be a hero and vigilante.

Look I understand there's a good chance the kid is rotten to the core, and this if not the first, wont be the last criminal offense commited by this kid ( yeah a 14 year old is a kid folks), but we also can't assume that. I know a lot of decent upstanding people that have a incident or two of shoplifting in their distant past. Obviously things went horribly wrong in this case, but in my opinion the store owners overreaction ( and likely poor health) was what caused the death.

Sure the kid deserves more punishment than a simple shoplifting charge, a 2nd degree manslaughter charge seems to be in order , put the kid away for a few years in juvy, but not in an adult prison! This kid needs a roadmap, not a beatdown.

Anyway reading the comments to the story I feel as though I've gone back in time, I'd swear some of these people would just love it if we adopted our own form of Sharia law.
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