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Default Re: Burress a Possibilty

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
it's unbelievable that anyone is looking at this guy. The Burress's and Moss's of the world should all be released and forgotten. Unfortunately in the day and age we're in, if you're an athlete, criminal activity and attitude problems mean nothing.
Yea, it's just today that this is happening. Never mind even a high
school athlete is allowed to run a muck and not have to adhere to
the rules like everyone else. This is a brand NEW development in
our society.

Also, never mind that Plex had to serve a much __harsher__
sentence than if anyone of us had done the same thing. And then ppl
like you scream that he got off light b/c he is a pro athlete. Meanwhile,
the exact opposite was true in this case.
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