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Default Re: Big Ben ranked 41 in NFL 2011 Top 100

Funny, the guys on First Take were talking about this today. They all said he
deserves to be higher, and that too many guys just don't like him, hence his
rating is this low since it is all voting from current players. Skip feels he is
better than 3 QBs who will be rated higher than him, and, love him or hate
him, but Skip is right more often than any talking head in sports media. But
I am not that interested in the QBs that will be ahead of him (We know Brady
and Manning are obviously gonna rank higher, and I am fine with that, but
it appears Rivers, Brees and Vick will all be ahead of him as well and I am
not even all-that-annoyed by that. Take the QBs out of it. Who are the other
35 players, non-QBs, who rate higher over all? That's the area where the
argument can be made as BS. There are 35 non-QBs more valuable to an
NFL team than Ben? BS. Even our own Troy Polamalu isn't more valuable
to a team than Ben is. No way. And Troy would be one player who one
could argue is deserving to be up there.
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