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Default Re: Paging Capt. Obvious

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
If Sweed could somehow develop into a solid big possession receiver then I would really like our receiving corps with 4 young guys all with different abilities.
Sweed- Big, possession
Wallace- Deep Threat
Sanders- Slot
Brown- 4th option on passing downs and returns.
Our WR corp would be mucho kick assio if Sweed became what
he was drafted to become. But he is not a possession WR and I
don't know if he can become one. His deal was to go deep, not
run curl or hook routes or things associated with possession WRs.

I see him more like a Burress type of WR. He is big but goes downfield
and makes plays by jumping and grabbing passes but downfield, which
would be awesome if he could provide what he did in TX. But look at
the midgets who were covering him in that vid. Yea, his size makes them
look smaller but the competition upgrade in the NFL has a lot to do with
him dropping so many balls. He isn't as confident he can beat them like
he did the non-NFL caliber CBs he faced in college.

But....even if he was on a comeback, a torn Achilles is hard to any athlete
to over come, not to mention a position like WR where your wheels mean
everything. I remember when Dan Marino tore his, and he never moved
much to begin with, certainly never sprinted. And it was even hard for him
to over come.
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