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Default Heinze overrated?

Three Rivers deserved to be as high as #2 hardest place for visitors
to play, but not Heinze. I mean, it maybe hard to play there because
Pgh is usually a very good team with a good D, but as far as it
being hard to play in, from a stadium stance, no way does it deserve
to be #2 over all. The open ended design does not allowed for the
fans to create as loud as a scene as did 3RS. Seattle's new digs
has the fans practically on top of the field. And GB and KC are tougher
venues - all things being equal - than HF is. Some of the domes make
it tougher as well.

For HF to be this high on the list, they don't know what they are
talking about. You just can't make it that loud, no matter how hard
you try, with a stadium with a huge open end to it. It's a matter
of physics.
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