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Default Re: Heinze overrated?

It says toughest venues, not loudest venues. I agree, Heinz isn't loud at all. In fact, it's unfortunately one of the quietest I've been to. However, the Steelers always put a tough team on the field and especially a physical D that the fans feed off of. That + the Steelers tradition would indeed make Heinz a tough place to play. The crowd gets pumped up when they play renegade and it can rattle an offense. Also, there is the awful turf. With the Steelers getting to play 10 games a year on it and the opponent only 1 game a year at best that is also an advantage that Heinz Field gives the Steelers. In addition to those reason, other teams rarely show up in great numbers at Heinz Field. Tickets are pretty tough to come by and visiting fans are scarce.
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