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Default Street fight: Hines vs. Sugar Ray?

They posed this question on First Take this morning. If Hines
got in a street fight with Sugar Ray Leonard, who would win?
They are insane to even ask this, and Sugar Ray, who came on
the show, was in disbelief that anyone would pick Hines to win
that fight.

Skip Bayless, who's opinion is usually spot on, got it all wrong, claiming
that since Hines is 20 years younger and 40 lbs heavier (he is not that
much heavier - Skip was thinking of Sugar's fighting weight which I
doubt he is still at) that Ward would win that fight. That is patently
insane. That would be like saying Sugar Ray could be a better "backyard
football player" than Hines.

When a fighter is as skilled as Sugar Ray, even when he is older, he will
still punch the lights out of most any non-boxer, period. I saw Danny
Bonaduce try to fight him in a radio studio. Danny had had several boxing
fights in the past and was pretty ripped.

Sugar hit him with some viscous body shots and Danny was out
cold before he even knew what happened. It took about 3 seconds.
Street fight or not, Sugar would cream Hines in a fight. Please. Not to
take a shred of anything away from Hines, but non-fighters do not
beat up legendary boxers - even with some size and age advantaged.
Sugar was incredulous that anyone would pick Hines to win that
fight and I happen to agree.
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