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Default Re: Heinze overrated?

I gotta say Heinze Field ranking number 2 doesnt suprise me. Not only are you going into a hostile environment with 100% home team support, the turf is hard to get used to, especially for indoor teams. Also the biggest element no one has spoken of: THE WIND! The open end of Heinze Field has been the Bermuda Triangle of the NFL since its opening. Steelers kickers have a hard time getting used to it, let alone an opposing kicker who has never experianced it.

Overall I would agree Heinze isnt the loudest, but it is indeed tough when factoring in those other elements. Also the fact that you have Harrisson, Woodley, Clark, and Troy patrolling the field! Would you wanna look across and see Harrisson staring at you or Troy standing insome odd spot when you know he will end up on the other side of the field despite your best efforts to pump fake him?!
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