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Default Re: Street fight: Hines vs. Sugar Ray?

Originally Posted by SoCalFan View Post
They said STREET FIGHT people!!! I had a fight with a boxer(I know,not sugar ray!) and I stomped him.We became friends later and still are! Hines is heavier and much stronger,as I was and once he gets ahold of him,well,sorry old man!!,
Well, no such things as absolutes unless we are talking physics, and
even then black holes causes exceptions there it would seem. So, how
good was this "boxer" you fought? Was he even a professional? Did
he have a winning record? I could say I am a "cyclist" because I ride
a bike most days, but would that put my in the category of touring pros?
Also, Hines and Ray are roughly the same size, frame wise; was the guy
you fought roughly your same size?

There is no evidence that Hines can or has ever fought at all. There is a huge
difference between throwing a block and fist fighting. Sugar would unleash
so many fists so fast that Hines would quickly not know where he was. He'd
never get a chance to even grab him. Being a pro at one sport almost never
translates to another, unless we are talking Bo Jackson and maybe Deion -
again, exceptions to the rule. Jordan sure as shit wasn't.
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