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Default Re: Paging Capt. Obvious

Originally Posted by finesward View Post
To be fair his drops have been much more memorable than his catches. He's made a few tough catches over the middle and in traffic, it's the couple (and infamous afccg) drops that have followed him. Remember he was thrust into the spotlight during that game with hines twisting his knee. That's huge for any player and I guess he just wasn't ready. Hopefully he can recover from the achilles injury (doubtful) and use it as motivation to earn his spot on the team. I don't think he will ever be the player we drafted him to be, but still he could hold some value as depth. Look at the WR for the bills that had that eerily similar drop against us in overtime. He's not going to fall of the face of the earth, he's a very talented receiver and will probably bounce back just fine. Maybe him and limas should become friends
The Bills' receiver you mention (Johnson) had many, many huge plays before
he dropped that pass. The guy had 1073 yards and 10 TDs. When has LS
ever had #s like that in the pros? Steve Johnson dropped one pass but put
up those kinds of #s on a team lacking much talent any where else. It's not
even close. SJ will go onto have a great career. LS will be lucky to even stay
in the NFL this season. Johnson exploded on the scene.

Steve Johnson 82 grabs, 1073 yrds, 10 TDs

Johnson may be every bit as good as our Wallace.
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