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Default Re: Chances of a full season?

Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
I understand everyone has to decide who gets more and more millions of dollars before I can watch football again. However I have heard talk of an 8 game season, talk of no season.... well what do you think the chances of a FULL season that starts on time is? I really have no idea my self and was hoping someone could give me a guess like percentage wise? 50%???
These guys won't lose more than a couple of real games. My guess is you will get a full season with a shortened or no preseason. Players don't get paid real money until regular season games start. If week 1 goes unplayed you will see some real panic. For the average guy that makes a half a million $'s a year. He will have just lost $32k when week 1 passes with no games. You will see some panic because if the next Sunday passes he will lose another $32k. If he's only making a half mil, then he is a marginal player and may not be secure in his role. Maybe even get cut by the next season. These type of guys can't afford to give up that kind of money with the possibility of those pay days ending in the near future. The players will crack. I just hope it's before 9/11/11.
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