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Default A little weed costs us a Super Bowl

I still can't remove myself from the fact that if Holmes was
on the team and on the field that last drive in the SB, Pgh wins
the game. That last drive looked horrible, with the WRs not knowing
where they were supposed to be - very herky jerky. So Rooneys dump
Holmes for a warm six-pack over some weed. Mean while, they suck
down scotches but somehow puffing some weed is worse.

Yea, it's over. Time to move on, but it still burns me that Holmes was
sent packing over some weed. There hasn't been a single instance
where they proved weed was even bad for you, yet they have found
evidence that it can be beneficial. Not a single death has been
attributed to weed, yet how many ppl die from booze every single year
in accidents alone?

Yea, it's illegal. So is having oral sex in some states. Does that make
it right?

I am glad their paranoia and pointing the dirty end of the stick at
Holmes cost us a SB. Great.
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