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Default Re: A little weed costs us a Super Bowl

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
That last drive looked horrible, with the WRs not knowing
where they were supposed to be
All the WRs, except for ARE knew where they were supposed to be. On the one play, ARE lined up on the wrong side, which confused Wallace. Wallace threw his hands up in the air in confusion. But it was ARE who messed up ... he admitted it after the game.

We like to think that only rookies and inexperienced players mess up .. but veterans can mess up as well. Even if Holmes was still on the team, maybe he fumbles the ball and it's returned for a TD. Maybe we lose by 13 instead of 6. You can't play the game of what ifs.

Hell, maybe we would have won the game if Dan Kreider was still on the team. He could have picked up the block and Mendy wouldn't have fumbled. We can play this game all day long.
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