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Default Re: Ike Risky Free Agent

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
Point proven,,,all were ok at best...Scott was a bum...Woolford was a bust fa signing...Townsend stuck around because we could not find anybody better even after he was was washed up..
I think you are waaaay off base. Townsend is better than Ike, even in his "washed up years" Go back to 2007 (I think) when Gay replaced Townsend (huge screw up on Tomlin's behalf) and no corner had an interception until Week 17...and it was Townsend after replacing the terrible Gay.

Scott was solid in his years with us, Dewayne Washington was solid as well. Saying Ike Taylor has been the best since Woodson is a huge stretch...huge. He has the worse hands of any corner I have ever seen. Cope (RIP) counted 14 easy drops in a single season by Taylor and he has still been prone to stupid penalties and big plays.

I think that we are under estimating him, I think we are over-estimating him because we all think that we will suck without him. If he leaves, we will be fine. The Steelers always find replacements. They have never failed us yet...if Ike wants to leave, bye.
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