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Default Re: A little weed costs us a Super Bowl

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I agree he'd still be an X-Steeler - NOW. But in the meantime, could have
added another ring. It's not like you can take the opportunities lightly.
We won one in the 1979 season.....and then waited 25 years before
our next one.

Holmes is not the kind of player that Pgh re-ups for the larger contracts;
I get that. He is aloof, kind of stupid. (Obviously, being that he had already
been busted for weed and he risked millions by keep toking. Why not
wait until retirement after making 10s of millions and THEN toke out?)

Hugely idiotic. Of course, having all those babies with all those different
mothers isn't all that bright either. It's called a "Jimmie" Holmes.

I still would have liked our chances on the last drive with SH on the field.
As if the Rooneys' past is so pure white. Gambling and mob action?
So you're using Holmes to attack The Chief now? Holy sheet dude.
"A man's got to know his limitations."
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